Tuesday, January 13, 2009

<i>Ensalada Russa</i>

This is a traditional Spanish recipe which is the pride of any good Spanish matriarch's festive table. It is "Russian" salad primarily because of the potatoes but don't be fooled it is a uniquely Spanish dish.

Boiled potatoes are cubed and mixed with other finely diced cooked and cooled vegetables such as carrot, beans and peppers, stuffed green olives, tiny shrimp and pieces of egg. The entire thing is then mixed with dietician scaring olive oil/egg mayonnaise and then heaped on a plate. It is then generally layered with another large helping of mayonnaise and decorated such as in this case with roasted peppers, asparagus, eggs. Our family has a tendency to use these ingredients as the decoration is reminiscent of the Basque flag.

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  1. That looks quite amazing. I have not tried one like that - I have however had a Russian Salad which involved peas in the incarnation I had.