Sunday, May 8, 2016

Biergarten Restaurant, EPCOT Florida

DisneyWorld might not seem like the most gourmande holiday but EPCOT is amazing foodie adventure. There are regular wine tastings and food events held at the "world of tomorrow" and an amazing global showcase. 

Around the main lake is a series of country themed arenas similar to the World Expo with iconic architecture, shops, food and bars. The German section includes a delightful village square with Bavarian architecture selling clocks, sweets and of course sausage. 

Outside in the square you can stop for a German beer or a sausage snack, but the real attraction is the all you can eat buffet restaurant Biergarten $59.99 per adult for all you can eat German fare.

Inside the Bavarian beer garden theme continues with a Disneyfied village where Octoberfest runs every day!

There's a proper German brass band playing polkas and as we were there at Christmas they played lots of Season songs and games for the kids. 

Try the flight of German beers ($13USD) including an Oktoberfest brew, a Dunkel, Weissbier and a sweet Grapefruit Weissbeer or order any of the above in half litre steins ($8.25 - $9.50USD) to wash down all that meat!

German style cold meats like liverwurst, white sausage, white fish salad and salmon mousse. Cold fresh salads and pasta salads are also included. 

Meats include hot fish and chicken dishes, sausages and goulash with spatzle and hot vegetables. 

The carvery is the real star of the show though. Roasted beef, chicken, pork, meatloaf and turkey are all available along with hot cabbage, potatoes, onions and excellent gravy. Grilled and stewed sausages are perfect for the kids. 

Good german style bread, just perfect for sausage and mustard.

Finish up with Bavarian cakes, pastries, cheeses and puddings filled with sticky berry jams and spices. 

American style cookies, cream cakes and fresh fruit are also included. 

Honestly we were surprised at how excellent and how authentic the food is. The atmosphere was pure Disney magic, all the staff are from Germany or Austria and can talk about both the beer and the food at length as well as entailing their own (family friendly) Octoberfest stories.

I think what impressed us the most was how many locals were there. Seated at long communal tables we got to know the people we were dining with and found we were the only tourists! The quality and the value for money are so good that all the locals come into EPCOT just to eat here. I had to giggle as I watched an ex serviceman dig into a pile of meat and beer and talk about when he was first stationed in Germany.

The food is rich and filling though, come with an empty stomach and elastic waisted pants!


1510 Avenue of the Stars
Orlando, FL 32821