Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Review: White Cockatoo Pub Bistro, Petersham

A friend of ours had read an article on "giant food" servings in Sydney and found mention of the bistro at this pub so suggested that we head off to the White Cockatoo pub in Petersham.

The main schtick of the pub is its "loaded schnitzels" and though there are any number of other standard pub meals on the board we all order a variation on the schnitzel. Having read the review we knew to order one meal between two, but really even this was far too much and by the end of the meal we still can't finish the serve.

Apologies for the quality of the photos, I forgot my camera and so these were snapped on someone's phone in poor lighting with no flash.

Hawaiian schnitzel - Ham and Pineapple with cheese - $18.90

The coaster is provided for a size reference more than anything, keeping in mind that the coaster is 4 inches wide this really shows how ridiculously big the meal is.

Mediterranean schnitzel - Mozzarella, cream, pinenut and parsley - $18.90

Boscaiola schnitzel - Cream, mushroom, peas and bacon $18.90

Cheese schnitzel - Ricotta, mozzarella, cheddar and feta $18.90

All of the schnitzels have much the same review; they're absolutely huge, far too big for the oversized platter and far too big even for two people. The schnitzels are thick and juicy, well breaded and and not too oily, the chips are unnecessary but well made. Despite the size of the meal we all fall on the side salad that someone ordered just for the freshness and acidity after the richness of the food.

The loaded toppings are divine for the first few bites and become almost painful at the end; not because of poor quality but because the meal is so large and so rich. By the end we each leave a piece about the size of a normal schnitzel on the plate and are glad for a walk home in the cold. I don't know that anyone could finish one on their own without having drunk a small ocean of beer first, however with a relatively cheap bar in the pub, a wide screen TV pumping out sports and a welcoming open fire this may not be an issue. We decide to return without a doubt, but vow next time to order the schnitzel plain with lemon or at best with gravy in the hope we may finish the meal.

While eating we are interested to note that the chefs at the bistro are Spanish through and through and we spy an excellent looking tortilla in the window and check excitedly for the listing of flan on the menu (though finding space for dessert may be hard). It's a short walk from home and as good as I'm going to get short of flying home to my grandmother's food.

All in all the first meal was far too heavy but we've learnt what to order now and the price, size and quality make this a standout pub counter meal worth a walk in the cold.

White Cockatoo Pub Bistro
30 Terminus Street,
(02) 9569 4675
Opposite Petersham Station

Fully licenced, pub atmosphere
No reservation necessary


  1. The tortilla is AWESOME. The schnitzels have brought down many a man before you, it's true.

  2. It's my local, and I love it good. Nic and I will share a schnitz when we eat there - they're too huge otherwise.

    The bar staff, and Trev, the publican, are really nice, too.

  3. (oh, and get them to put the gravy on the side, or it's a veritable ocean, too)