Monday, July 6, 2009

Review: The Point, Broadway

A long time ago I went to The Broadway Cafe with a few friends to discover they had the most awesome possible range of hot chocolates including a chilli hot chocolate that made my burning spice addict brain tingle with delight. All of last winter we would ride past on the bus and say "we need to go there this winter" but we didn't, and then this year we made it a vow that we would.

Unfortunately when we arrived we discovered that it's not actually the same cafe any more and is now "The Point" a bustling inner city pizza and beer join aimed squarely at the financially mobile student populace from nearby UTS and USyd. Having been undecisive about dinner and gone on a magical random bus trip (I'm easily excitable especially when it comes to free council buses) by the time we arrived we were starving; we were eating *here* and *now* no matter what was on the menu!

For a Thursday night it was really quite packed and every outside table was full, something you can't see all that well from my dimly lit picture.

Most of the menu is either pizza or sort of pub classics; steak, schnitzel, burgers and fish and chips but with a distinctive increase in quality from the $5 pub meals nearby. I will say that I rather wish I drank beer as they had a lovely array of beers at really affordable prices including a "bucket of beer" for $20 - an ice bucket full of beer bottles at your table which looked mildly tempting, if only it had been cider! We decided to buck our standard ordering approach and stick to what the venue appears to do best - Pizza!

"Shark Island" $12.90 - Salmon, Avocado, Red onion, Brie, Capers and Mozarrella

The boy and I ended up ordering quite similar meals really, but they were both damn tasty. The individual size is $12.90 though a large pizza to share could have been purchased for $22.90. The base was freshly made and quite soft and tasty, not too thick and just the right level of chewy and fresh. Unfortunately on this pizza the salmon was rather overpowered by all the cheese.

"The Alley" $12.90 - Chicken, Asparagus, Avocado, Mozzarella, Brie

My pizza is really quite similar, though I wish I'd had the foresight to add the red onion to my pizza as I love it to bits. The brie sits beautifully with the avocado and chicken, I'm not sure that the additional Mozzarella was really necessary but it's not overpowering or heavy handed so I let it lie. The Chicken has evidently been prebaked and diced and may be a little dry for some, but its hardly the worst chicken I've ever had on a pizza.

The thing that I must say about this meal was that it sat amazingly well on the stomach, I left satiated but not bloated and stayed that way for several hours to follow; the kind of mid week casual dinner date that fits perfectly into a modern inner city lifestyle.

The Point @ Cafe Broadway
166 Broadway
Chippendale NSW 2008
(02) 9212 2010

Fully licensed
No reservation necessary

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