Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Review: Passionflower Dessert Cafe, Sydney CBD

Passionflower reminds me a lot of the Blue Lotus ice cream bar in Park Rd in Brisbane with lots of Asian inspired flavours and a number of hip Asians on dates devouring greedily.

Superstar sundae $15.50

Black Sesame (goma), Red Bean (azuki) and Sticky Rice flavoured "premium" ice creams with glutinous balls, roasted crushed black sesame and peanuts.

Generally I'm the biggest fan of red bean and sesame ice creams but these really left me flat, the red bean had been mixed too thoroughly and so was the ice cream was thick with bean protein and lacked the studded beans throughout that I like, the sesame just wasn't strong enough flavoured. Sticky rice ice cream which I can usually live without however was; as were the sprinkles on everything. Next time I'd be inclined to get a choice of different flavours with added nuts and sesame rather than this dessert especially given the price.

Green Tea and Coconut Ice Creams $9

I think the boy made the right decision here by going a la carte with his choice of ice cream. The matcha ice cream was silky and excellent, he found the coconut too sweet but not me I could eat a whole bowl of this.

Really Passionflower was a bit of a let down, it looked to be everything I ever wanted in a dessert bar and wasn't. The service was 'packed Asian hip eatery' style with waiters that didn't have the best English (and I suspect don't often need it) and it's plastic tables next to one of the busiest roads in Sydney. The ice cream is really quite good if you pick the flavours well but not IMHO good enough for the price tag. There are plenty of better sources of Asian sweets in the city that I would head to over this (and I guess should probably document so you know what they are... )

Passionflower Dessert Cafe

Shop G12 Capitol Square
730 - 742 George St
Sydney 2001

Open Monday to Thursday 8am - midnight
Friday 8am - 1am
Saturday 10am - 1am
Sundays and public holidays 10am - midnight

No bookings required
Coffees and soft drinks available

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