Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter Marshmallows

When I was a kid these were a real seasonal treat because they only ever appeared at school fetes in my life. Accordingly I get unreasonably excited about them in a way other people don't understand. Most people I talked to about this didn't actually have such things in their childhood so I wonder why it was so big in mine; and enough for my local Coles to have it at the bakery also.

Junior Bunny Mallow 3 for $1.50 Coles Bakery

They're soft fluffy marshmallows poured into a bunny shaped mould and covered in coconut. Often these would be loathesome Easter colours of yellow, pink or green, some would even have little red piercing eyes dotted on in food colouring. They're totally horrible empty calories and I love them as I love all foods that only come once a year.


  1. They're a big deal for me too, because my grandfather would always, ALWAYS, bring these to us for easter. I don't even like the taste of them that much, but I love the memories they bring back.

  2. They don't sell peeps here but these aren't quite the same. They're very old fashioned marshmallow; big and soft made from fresh eggs and the like. You buy them at school fairs and bakeries and they don't survive more than a couple of days before the air goes out of them and they start looking a bit deflated.

    What's quite common here are similar mallow cubes covered in toasted coconut that you get at any old fashioned sweets store so I assume it's a twist on that?