Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Snapshot: Blue Front Cafe, San Francisco

The Blue Front Cafe is my go to casual eatery in The Haight, the oh so San Francisco hippie heartland. Nestled in between the vintage stores and bong shops there are some really great eateries. 

Blue Front never fails to hit good quality food and friendly service and is a great place to stop before or after shopping. They do a range of cafe stables like wraps, sandwiches and brunch dishes but I come for the Mediterranean platters. 

Though they never quite mention where the owners are from I assume Greece with some of the flourishes that come with the food rather than say Turkish or Lebanese. Dolmades and feta abound. 

Chicken Schwarma Platter $12.95USD

As well as meat the platter comes with a greek salad, spiced rice, felafel, dolma and some of the best Hummus to be found in the Bay Area. A basket of warm pita is provided to dip, wrap and devour!

Gyros Plate $12.95USD

More of the same with different meat options; I like the fact that they have a number of Lamb options since  Lamb rarely seems to make an appearance on American menus. All the meats I've tried here have been delicious, if you've walked off the calories then I would recommend the Kofta. 

Another great option for fussy eaters since there are many low carb and vegetarian options; request a vege platter without the cheese for easy and satisfying Vegan.

Service is super casual, it's a pay and seat yourself, wait for your number sort of place. The coffee is decent and there's a huge range of cold drinks. Sit at the window to people watch the very random assortment of folk that visit Haight St.

Blue Front Cafe

Casual cafe and Mediterranean eats
Sandwiches and brunch items 

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