Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New cookware

Because no one understands my predilections like my father lets pause a little to bask in the excellent birthday present he bought me; new Anolon classic ceramic cookware.

Now a lot of people ask me why not Scanpan, but I like non stick cookware (apart from my trusty iron skillet and copper coffee pot of course) despite the life time guarantee my father has sent his non stick Scanpan frypan in for replacement no less than 4 times. I really don't consider that acceptable for any frypan worth triple digits so... Anolon it is then!

The usually 6 piece set came with a free deep dish fry pan and a cookie sheet as well. Because apparently the kitchen wear store is psychic about what I like to cook.

I'm not sure I can rave enough about how much I love these pans, the weight, the heat distribution, the ease of cleaning... it's all good. If you're going to invest in a good set of pans then make sure to pause over these.


  1. My Scanpan has great heat distribution, but the non stick coating has long since worn off... I didn't realise that you could warranty the things!

  2. You like the non-stick cookware, your collection is good. Have you tried Neoflam Non-stick cookware? It's is made from natural material i.e, Ecolon.