Monday, February 1, 2010

Review: WichCraft, Rockefeller Plaza (GE Building) New York City USA

Now if there are two things I love in the world it's television and sammiches. There's something just oh so satisfying about a really good sandwich. So when I found out some time ago that Tom Colicchio the celebrity chef and judge on TV's Top Chef had a sandwich restaurant I knew I definitely had to go there.

There are a few WichCraft locations in New York City, including a really beautiful looking one in Bryant Park but it was a little cold for out door eating!

Instead we went to the location under the 30 Rock building which was warm but not overly crowded.

Boylan Soft drinks $2.95USD

I became a little obsessed with these old fashioned soft drinks. They're one of the few drinks you can buy in the US that's sweetened with cane sugar rather than corn syrup. The diet drinks are equally as good. Tips to the Black Cherry flavours which I love and are impossible to find in Australia.

Grilled Gruyere $5.95USD

When it comes to sandwiches as comfort food it's hard to go past a grilled cheese toastie; especially when it's filled with melted Swiss cheese and caramelised onion. Just perfect on a cold winter's day.

Meatloaf Sandwich $9.50USD

This is no small snack, it's a hot sandwich on heavy ciabatta with a thick slice of meatloaf, good quality cheddar, bacon and fresh tomato relish.

Goat Cheese Sandwich $8.95USD

You don't always want a heavy hot sandwich though, particularly after gorging on heavy American food. This sandwich came on a high quality multigrain bread with goat cheese, avocado, celery, walnut pesto and watercress... kind of like a little waldorf salad on a sammich. Om nom nom!

WichCraft is a great upmarket take away food, with fresh light salad options and warmer more filling mini meals. It's not really out of the world amazing food, but in a world seemingly devoid of lighter cafe and bistro food options it was definitely a welcome sight. The food is constant quality, the breads are fantastic which seems a rarity in the US where grain other than corn appears to be very expensive. There were also sides like salad and soup available, hot drinks, imported Asian bottled tea and a number of juices. For the discerning parent there were any number of healthy kid friendly options on the menu. For the fan there's also a cookbook available in store.

Not amazing, but definitely recommended, especially if you can't look another meal with fries in the face.

WichCraft Rockefeller Centre
1 Rockefeller Plaza
At 49th street
Concourse Level

No reservations, casual dining
Takeaway available


  1. Fortunately the boylan you have pictured here is ginger ale, not grape, or may have been exporting himself to New York Post Haste. Not that he needs more reasons. ;)

  2. I skipped with joy to the counter in Vegas, but then saw what was coming out and got uninspired. Glad to see I made the right choice, doesn't seem 'all that'.

  3. It's pretty good, especially for takeout food, especially in the US where fresh food seemed not covered in fat seemed lacking. But yeah, not anything 'exciting'.

  4. Fantastic! Thanks for that. I wonder how long that much grape soda will last and whether he'll start turning purple. =)