Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Osaka Maid Cafe cake specials

There are some here who don't read my main blog and ergo they may be unaware that I'm a terrible unashamed otaku; I love comics, figurines, gaming, talking about gaming, movies with robots and just about everything Japan. I have a *slight* obsession with maid cafes and by slight I mean I have collectables of the Tokyo maid cafe uniforms and have a charm of the Cos Cha Cafe uniform on my phone.

Unsurprisingly while we were in Osaka then we stopped by Den Den Town and I was insistant on attending a maid cafe. Now apart from my delight at Japanese girls in goth lolita uniforms and a desperate will for a seat after shopping and walking all day the food at maid cafes is actually rather nice, and only about the same price as a cafe in inner city Sydney. The cakes we ordered though were something special and worthy of a blog post.

From Goth Goes Otaku 2 Den Den Town

Blueberry Cheesecake 750 Yen

Chestnut and black sesame cake 750 Yen

This cake was so damn good with strings of black sesame cream on the top that I became obsessed with finding such cakes again and only managed to find one similar pudding in the whole time we were in Japan.

Chocolate mousse cake 750 Yen

Of course the way these girls really make money isn't by selling cakes at a 10% premium, its via entertainment, through playing games and entertaining slightly dodgy old men (and gaijin tourists). So here's a picture that we paid to have taken with the girls that work at the venue, remember that taking pictures of maids and cosplay girls on the street is a no no since they can charge up to $20 a pop for them and is one of the primary ways they make money.

Unfortunately in the way of Japan this cafe is in a back alley up several floors and did not have an anglicised name or address. My only advice to you when searching for Maid Cafes in Japan is look for cosplay girls on the street handing out flyers. Take one and indicate you would like to go to their venue and they willl either hand you a map or take you there themselves.


  1. How cute! The Maid cafes were only starting to take off when I left Japan so I didn't get a chance to try them. Love the Panda face!

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