Monday, June 22, 2009

Kinosaki Kaiseki 2

We ended up staying in Kinosaki two nights, so here's a little peak at our second formal Kaiseki meal.

From Goth Goes Otaku 2 Kinosaki Onsen

Appetiser of ebi prawn with caviar, jellied eel, sweet egg rolled sushi, jellyfish sashimi (in the pot) and persimmon mochi

The jellyfish sashimi is one of the only foods of my adult life that I have immediately spat out involuntarily, the texture was unlike anything I recognised as a food product and my body ejected it without my input. I have eaten Jellyfish in Chinese hot dishes but this was unsalvageable and I quickly closed the pot and pushed it aside.

Cold roasted pork with lime

Another abundant sashimi platter of whole boar fish, ebi prawn, squid, snapper, salmon, kingfish and abalone

Egg tofu with caviar and broiled prawn

Grilled snapper with ginger shoot

Beef tataki

Wagyu shabu shabu with fresh sesame dipping sauce

Cooking the shabu shabu

Tempura of capsicum, pumpkin and white fish (unknown type)


Soup and gen-mai-cha

Osuimono with simmered hamo

Fresh orange

And of course you can't forget the ume shu (plum wine)

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