Monday, February 2, 2009

Recipe: Glazed Beef Medallions

Blame for this one because I couldn't stop thinking about beef all day after her post about Porterhouse Steak

Glazed Beef Medallions

200g Lean Beef Fillet
1 smalll brown onion
1 tbspn balsamic
100ml red wine
1 tspn white sugar
oil for frying


  • This recipe is best with a rich red such as Shiraz or Merlot and brown onions.

  • Heat a skillet to a medium heat, ensuring to oil lightly but with well coverage. Fillet beef of this kind does not contain enough fat to withstand frying without oil.

  • Add the beef medallions starting with the largest piece, and then turn down the heat to Low - Medium.

  • Finely dice the onions and put to one side, then flip the meat, checking to make sure the meat is caramelised slightly on the cooked side.

  • When the second side is cooked, take the medallions out of the pan and place on a plate.

  • Reoil the skillet slightly and mix with any meat drippings, then add the onions.

  • Fry until the onions are clear and well coated with the drippings, then add the balsamic, stir to coat evenly.

  • Add the sugar being sure to spread across the entire pan, stirring quickly to ensure even coverage of the onions.

  • Then add the red wine and stir again, the wine should deglaze any remaining drippings and sugar.

  • Push the onions to the edge of the pan and bring the medallions back to the heat.

  • Spoon some of the liquid over the medallions, turn and repeat.

  • Plate the medallions with the onion mixture placed on top, best with mash and vegetables.

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