Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New food processor

I picked this Breville ikon™ Kitchen Wizz™ Food Processor BFP650 up at the Harvey Norman sales marked down to $180 from $325. I had a trusty $20 food processor from Woolworths that had been my lean mean paté machine for years however my god awful moving people killed it some time ago.. and while I proved you can indeed make paté with a blender it's far from ideal.

I have a bit of a thing for stainless steel appliances which I admit was the main reason I chose this model however the more I opened it the more I became impressed with it. It comes with it's own storage case for the slicing/dicing blades, a double story blade for processing as well as a silcon spatula and a trusty food processing recipe book. Never discard these as my early 80s food processor inherited from my parents contained the best recipe I'd ever found for scones.

The box

The accessories

The machine set up

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