Monday, November 23, 2009

Shiney and sharp!

Since I moved house I've been living off a set of terrible dull knives that made me cry. A lot. So it was time to hit up the factory outlets in Alexandria and get some new sharp and shiney things!

If you aren't aware Victoria's Basement are the outlet of choice for high quality kitchen goods at a fraction of the retail price; and now they have a webstore you don't even need to live in Sydney to take advantage of their prices.

Scanpan 6 piece steak knife set $36 (RRP $80)

The weight on these handles is just amazing and they feel wonderful and solid in your hands. They're also extremely sharp and I managed to nick myself getting them out of the packaging. I prefer a pointed tip rather than round as here but for this price and quality of knife I couldn't pass them up.

Benzer Verner 7 piece knife block set $59 (RRP $200)

This is what I really needed though. When you put an entire wall of Benzer and Scanpan knives on sale in front of me you can imagine I'll be there for a bit. I really liked the knife block on the Kyoto set a lot more than these but the fake Japanese styling really annoyed me and the chef's knife was a little small for my liking. I settled on these which I love, the only downside is the lack of steel, which on its own was as much as the knife block so I will wait until they too are on sale.

For reference this contains:

  • A slicer/bread knife

  • A chef's knife

  • A carving knife

  • A utility knife

  • A pairing knife

  • Kitchen Shears

  • (and the knife block)

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  1. Those are some nice knives.

    I've been getting a bit more serious about my own cooking lately (the GF is a really foodie) so I'm thinking of investing in a new set myself.