Monday, May 11, 2015

Review: Ramen Underground, San Francisco

Continuing on our mission to eat all the ramen in Japantown in San Francisco is Ramen Underground which has actually become a staple for us. The cute little izakaya style restaurant is tucked at the top of the Japantown shopping centre away from the maddening crowd during Summer festival season. 

The decor is decidedly traditional Japanese izakaya style with dark wooden fences and paper screens throughout. 

Gzyoza $4.95USD

Not amazing quality but definitely hand made fresh regularly. You can get them steamed or fried or even on top of your ramen. 

Tofu tomato salad $7.95USD

As someone who has trouble with dairy this Asian take on Caprese salad is perfect as a side for hot soup or during the warmer months. 

Spicy wings 3 for $4.95USD

Not quite buffalo not quite karaage these wings are slightly spicy with no heavy bread coating and a hint of sesame oil. 

Spicy sesame cold ramen salad $10.95USD

This cold ramen salad is a little deceptive as the sesame mayo dressing is far spicier than first appearance would allow. Served with cold corn, mushrooms, greens and a slice of roasted pork this is a great Summer alternative to hot soup.

Miso Ramen with Tofu $9.95USD

I find their miso soup a little thin, lacking the collagen that I like in a ramen but the miso is good and the tofu is fantastic. I do wish they would put more toppings in their ramen though since I feel I have to add multiple things before I get a full meal. 

Spicy miso chashu ramen $9.95USD

Sadly they lack a real tantanmen with that thick thick soup I love but since I don't eat much wheat anymore I usually order the noodles on the side so that I can enjoy the soup without all that carby bloat and related post lunch nap

Habanero ramen with Egg and Scallions $12.95USD

Phew this is all for my man and not for me; I like spice but not the sharp green flavour and afterburn of the Habanero. He however thinks this is the best ramen known to man. Add in an egg and a lot of scallions and he is a happy happy diner.

Spicy tonkotsu ramen with egg and tofu $13.95USD

Again the tonkotsu needs a little more depth and thickness for my taste but it is a very good broth and not too heavy on the stomach. Good quality soft boiled eggs and excellent tofu round out the dish. 

This is how you know you're eating in San Francisco.

The food is very good but the service can lack a little, they tend to hire Japanese students who don't always have restaurant experience. That said it's a great little lunch date place and conveniently placed near the Daiso and Kinokuniya making it a great place to sit down and review your purchases in or rest your weary feet. This is also one of the few places in Japantown that will do a vegetarian broth making it a good option to take vegetarian and vegan friends.

Ramen Underground

1675 Post St
San Francisco, CA 94115

Casual ramen restaurant in izakaya setting
Great for lunch

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