Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Snapshot: Lajkonik Bakery, Krakow

When travelling a good breakfast joint is a great find; finding somewhere cheap and cheerful to eat a real meal before work or tourism makes all the difference to your day. There also becomes a point in Poland where you can't face another meal of pork and cabbage. Craving salad and fibre I was glad to come across the Lajkonik Bakery. 

There are a couple of these around the Old Town; one near the Barbican and one near the Rynek Glowny both conveniently situated to stop before site seeing. 

DominikaƄski kurczak - Chicken fillet, pesto rosso, dried tomatoes and rucola in a wheat and rye roll. Combo meal with Coffee 12PLN

Stopping for breakfast means great combo deals (this costs a wopping $4USD). Good quality ingredients are heated to order and served with strong European style coffee. The bread is the real star of the show here; heavy sour dough and rye breads are baked fresh each morning. You can take away full loaves and rolls, pastries and croissants but I needed something green!

Lekki krakowiak - Cream cheese and tomato in a rustic roll 8PLN

Caprese on a heavy rye bread roll. Fresh or toasted this is the perfect morning meal to recover from pork dumplings and cutlet the night before.

You can eat in the restaurant or take away. Eating in affords hot fresh coffee and efficient service or take away to eat while enjoying the view or on your site seeing activities for the day. Lajkonik is a combined retail shop and cafe so expect plastic chairs and hustling service; you will have to bus your own tray once you are finished. 

Lajkonik Bakery

Bakery shop and cafe
Casual fresh snacks and breakfast

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