Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Review: Restauracja Wesele, Krakow

Wesele is another of the Michelin starred restaurants owned by the same group as Mod Molina and Marmolada. Meaning "The Wedding" and named for the Stanisław Wyspiański play this restaurant is aimed squarely at offering a Polish family style cuisine and dining experience to tourists in Krakow.

Situated directly on the Old Square you can of course take in the gorgeous views of the Rynek Glowny and the Artisan Hall from the outside seating.

We however were dining on a busy tourist day and the crowds on the square were of little interest so instead we decided to take in the quaint traditional setting inside the restaurant. The entire restaurant is decked out in country style Polish furniture with wait staff in traditional clothing; it's every bit as magical as the square itself.

Chripiaca grillowana kaszanska z cebulka serwowana z kapustka zasmazana (Grilled black pudding with onion served with fried cabbage) 17PLN

Black pudding is hard to come by in the US where I currently live so it was time to indulge in a local version. This is a rough chopped version with bulgar wheat, more akin to a haggis than Irish or French style blood sausage. The pudding is spiced perfectly and served with the ubiquitous cabbage and sweet onions to compliment the savoury meat 

Polska specjalnosc: kotlet schabowy z kostka panierowany z kapustka zasmazana i ziemniaczkami zasmazanyrni z kpoerkiem (Polish specialty: pork chop with fried cabbage and fried potatoes with dill) 36PLN

Heart warming and familiar this Milanese/Vienna Schnitzel style breaded cutlet is a good example of a traditional dish. Served with creamy buttered cabbage and country style home fries this is a great hearty dish after trekking up and down hills in Old Krakow. Down it with a local Żywiec lager and have a little Germanic influenced treat Polish style.

Buraczki zasmazane (Fried Beetroot) 8PLN 

Finding vegetables in Poland that are not purely starch can be difficult; one of the best options is usually beets. Bright and tart they cut through the heavy pork and cabbage dishes well. This preparation of fried grated beetroot became my favourite side dish on this trip. 

The restaurant is what you expect of  one of this quality - service is attentive, a full service bar is available and the atmosphere is cosy and pleasant. As with many restaurants on the square in the Old Town the prices are high for locals but very affordable for tourists. I stopped here for a drink in the evening but found it quiet and a little stilted; I would definitely recommend stopping for lunch and enjoying the bustle of the square during the day

Restauracja Wesele

High end family style Polish food

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