Monday, January 21, 2013

Tokyu Food Show, Shibuya

As a foodie who loves travelling on of my great pleasures is seeing the foodie meccas around the world. If you're in Shibuya in Tokyo to see the Scramble Crossing and Hachiko then take the time to visit Tokyu Food Show. It's a large food fair in the depachika basement of the Tokyu department store surrounding Shibuya station.

Here's a brief sample of the deliciousness inside!

High end meats like Kurobata Pork and Kobe Beef

Just about every fresh seafood you can imagine straight from Tsukiji. 

Top end precut sushi is available too, and the stock rotation is fast and fresh. 

If you're a tuna fan like I am this is the most amazing sight to behold!

Imported un-pasteurised French cheeses can be bought by the handful.

There's luxury chocolatiers including Swiss and Japanese delights.

If you're looking for something slightly more pedestrial prepared food of all kinds can also be bought to fill bento or provide for a picnic.

Omiyage are food souvenirs that can be bought throughout Japan, they're usually regional sweets packaged in beautiful ways designed to be shared with family and colleagues. A huge range is available including these freshly baked and spun sweets. 

Because we've arrived during the holidays there's lots of seasonal food like traditional New Years offerings. 

But also a few Christmas items creep in. 

My favourite thing to do in Japan is watch the chefs making food in public viewing windows, they're all over Japan and in this case it's someone pinching dumplings with amazing speed. 

Stopping at the Tokyu Food Fair is great for picking up omiyage souvenirs for Tokyo or gifts for visiting friends, wonderful for those who are self catering or just to have a poke at the hustle and bustle. It's also free entry if you're travelling on a budget but be prepared to be jostled by hungry shoppers and screamed at by hawking food vendors. 

Tokyu Food Show

Multivendor food fair, every day during Tokyu opening hours

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