Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Review: La Tasca, Baltimore MD

I am always excited when I find decent food near tourist centres, it affords a great place to rest after a long walk and usually affords some great people watching.

In the US it can be difficult to find genuinely Spanish food as you usually end up with some Latin hybrid. La Tasca then surprised on two counts! We were here at lunch time so we decided to get a range of tapas to pick at.

Charcuterie and cheese with 5 Choices $22USD

Who doesn't love a big pile of meat and cheese? The choices here are good imported Spanish and French products. 

Chorizo alla Parilla $7USD

Simple but delicious, the hot paprika oil dripping off is always a good sign. 

Panceta de Cerdo $8USD

A big crispy serve of pork belly for $8, I'm a little surprised by the size but it's possible I'm still not used to US food servings. 

Albondigas alla Jiardinera $6.50USD

Albondigas are the Spanish version of Polpette and like all meatballs are a comfort food classic, this one is served in a Spanish style sauce made with red peppers and herbs. 

Espárragos Verdes a la Plancha $6.50USD

Again I'm surprised at the size of the plate for under $7 but the combination of cheaper US food and the lower cost of locally produced asparagus make for one happy foodie. Simply grilled with salt and lemon, it's a great offset to all that meat. 

The food was pretty good and the prices excellent, particularly when you think that La Tasca is right on the Inner Harbour in Baltimore and stones throw from tourist delights like Ripley's Believe it or Not. Usually this kind of area is home only to Ruby Tuesday's and chain BBQ joints so I'm happy that there's real food and it's reasonably authentic. 

That being said despite the fact that there's a lot of staff in the restaurant the service is spotty at best, it takes me a long time to get attention for drink refills and the person I do talk to blinks at me in lack of comprehension regardless of what language is used. Not a good sign. 

Given that we were in the restaurant on a gloomy quiet day I would hate to see what the service was like when they were busy, but if you're in the area for site seeing then poor service is better than eating at The Cheesecake Factory!

La Tasca

Casual tapas and homestyle Spanish cooking

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