Thursday, September 3, 2009

Review: The Best Thai, Leichhardt

This is some of the cheekiest restaurant naming I've ever heard and is on par with the Doctor's Associates Inc. being the owners of Subway. They're not "The Best" Thai but they're pretty good.

On a cold rainy day when I was a very sick person I was craving warming loving noodley soup and had places to be that ruled out a trip to a ramen joint. "To the local eateries!" said I and so I tried The Best Thai on Norton St.

I like fried things and noodley soups and apparently so does everyone else, of the 3 of us that went to lunch we all ordered the same meal!

Money Bags $7 for 4

These are made fresh by hand on site and are piping hot and recently constructed when they arrive. A generous amount of chicken mince and corn is included, though sadly not laced with coconut as at the Annandale. They are so hot when they arrive that I cut them all open to release the steam so that I can eat them quickly :o)

Tom Yum Gai $8

While sick this was the perfect meal, hot enough to burn through sinusitis, not so hot that I couldn't taste afterwards. The soup is freshly made to order and contains generous helpings of fresh vegetables, rice noodles and braised chicken. The only real complaint I have is that it's a little "rustic" and so whole kaffir leaves and large woody sections of lemon grass are throughout the soup and require fishing out throughout the meal. It's not table bangingly good but it's more than adequate, exactly what I need at the time and for the price, hard to beat.

It's not "The Best" but you get a little sick of looking at pasta and pizza menus when you live in Leichhardt and this is a decent but not excellent variation on Asian when you just can't stomach the idea of another olive oil drenched carb fest.

The Best Thai - Leichhardt branch
62 Norton Street
P: 9569 0768

Casual dining
No reservation required
Take away available

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  1. I just went to their Darlinghurst branch for lunch! I was drawn to it because it looks exactly like restaurants in Thailand. I had the Pad Kee Mao, which had very fresh ingredients in it. They serve Tiger, Chang and Singha beers, so I'm gonna go back there in the hopes of reliving past vacations. Huzzah!