Saturday, September 5, 2009

Afternoon tea with the parentals

There's really no mystery about where I get my gourmande tendencies from, I come from a foodie family. Sadly I recently separated from my partner so my father decided to put on a cheer up spread when I went home to visit.

Perrier Jouet NV Grand Brut

Much of the time I'm not so easily swayed by the actual Champagne name over other sparkling wines however Perrier Jouet is one of those exceptions. There really is no beating it for quality, taste and a little piece of luxury. If you're going to shell out for French Champagne then this is without a doubt my pick of the labels; seconded by Taittinger. I find the quality of their Brut to be on par with vintage champagnes from other houses.

A standard mix of Pinot, Chardonnay and Meunier this is a classic Champagne with a strong yeast and long robust taste. This is a strong aperitif to have on its own and went well with the hors d'ouevres we were eating. The bubbles were larger than I was expecting and the mousse strong with it. Not much nose but a clean acidic end.

Home made smoked salmon with cream cheese, capers, onion and lettuce

My parentals smoking box turns out the most amazing fresh smoked salmon, if you've never had freshly smoked salmon you really must try it. The texture and moisture are completely different to the commercial varieties most people eat regularly.

Salamanca, prosciutto and fresh ham

Salamanca is rather like chorizo but larger and somewhat less fatty. Heavy on the pork and smoked paprika, this is right up my alley given my palette's years of Spanish cuisine.

"Jewish Caviar" - Chopped liver and eggs

If you like pate then this is a nice alternative liver recipe and great on a warm day like this. I'm sure I'll blog the recipe at some stage but in the meantime you can use this one.

Cheese platter - Double brie, Roaring 40s blue, Margot and aged French brie

All served up with nuts and figs and all the trimmings!

The full spread including home made bread and artichokes

2007 Les Nuages Loire Sauvignon Blanc

After a lifetime of New Zealand Sauv Blancs this is a completely different wine. Stronger and more robust with a toastier feel and a creamy palette.

Coffee and Iranian Sohan

Sohan is a spiced caramel style sweet made from sugar, cardamom, pistachio and vegetable oils.


  1. *jealous* It's been a long time since I've eaten a meal from your fathers kitchen, but I'd say he and you are responsible for some of my more developed tastes in food. :)

  2. I do believe tears of envy are rolling down my face.

    How big is that smoke box, will it fit in a Sydney flat or do I need to own a backyard/house to have one?

  3. It's not big actually about the size of a large laptop case? The actual smoke and etc would generally require a backyard though; hickory smoke, she pervades everything.

  4. so couldn't contemplate it on your King St balcony, or equivalent thereof??