Monday, August 31, 2009

Review: Shu Shin Bou, Sydney CBD

Apologies everyone for the radio silence but I have recently moved house and am now back in Newtown. I have a backlog of posts to make and the wonders of King St to eat my way through again so keep your eyes open for regular posts!

Well as I'm sure we're aware based on my reviews I'm a little wappanese in my tastes, so what better gift than a box full of freshly made mochi and daifuku rice cakes?

The new cake store at the front of the Miracle Supermarket in World Square is a real delight. Fresh, sweet and using wonderful ingredients the normal range of Asian flavoured sweets can be found here including goma (black sesame), azuki (red bean), brown sugar, peanut and konnyaku jelly. Fresh cream, fruit and chestnut daifuku are also included; due to the freshness of the products refrigeration is required unlike many giftable Japanese sweets and should be purchased immediately prior to gifting.

Being a gift I did not enquire about the price; I would expect mochi of this quality to run to ~$4 a unit.

Assorted mochi including a cut konnyaku and azuki mochi

Macha, azuki and cream filled mochi

So apart from the fact that the cakes are wonderful quality, fresh and traditional to make things even better? There's a discount docket running online and on inner city Coles dockets. Hmmm cake, discount cake!

Shu Shin Bou Mochi Store
Lower Ground
World Square Shopping Centre
(At the Miracle Supermarket)
George St
Sydney CBD


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