Saturday, May 9, 2009

Review: Burger Fuel, Tauranga

For a long time I lived above the Burger Fuel in Newtown Sydney, something not great for my waistline but good for my taste buds. Burger Fuel is IMHO the best take out burger joint of all creation, and knocks every other attempt I've ever tried out of the park including pretenders like Burgerlicious. Burger Fuel is a Kiwi 'whole food' burger chain, there are plenty of salad options, real meat, real everything actually and no fake feeling mass produced food. Good old fashioned comfort food done the right way, my favourite! To top things off they even cater to just about every dietary need imaginable including dairy free, vegan, low carb and gluten free which made them a real winner for our band of hippies and allergen affected.

While we were in New Zealand for a family event we stopped by the Burger Fuel in Tauranga as we had heard from many that it was better in its homeland. TBH we don't find that it's much different, though the bun was a bit more chewy and tasty. Given that Burger Fuel is excellent anywhere though this is hardly a put down. I will add though that they seem to have kept the prices the same in AUD as they are in NZD which makes them a little cheaper in NZ.

Let it be said that the burgers at Burger Fuel are *so big* and *so juicy* that they've come up with a contraption required just to eat them; The Doofer. It's folds up to cradle the bottom of your burger as you eat it, protecting your hands and keeping the delicious sauces in the bun.

And here's a picture of the boy being a twit and tonguing his burger, but exhibiting the use of the Doofer quite well.

1/3 pounder with cheese $8.90

Lambretta Special $10.80

Specials are quite common and often themed each season. At the moment it seems to be Greek flavours so there was this lamb strip and caramelised onion burger or a Feta and Olive burger.

Motobites - vegetable and cashew fried savouries with lemon aioli $5.50

Kumara (NZ Sweet Potato) fries $4.80

You cannot possibly eat an entire drink/burger/fries meal due to the size of the burgers so I often take some chips home or have to abandon them, they are coming up with smaller items though to combat this kind of feedback. I never have the room or the calories for such things but their shakes/soy malts are some of the best shakes I've had in years and worth a pause.

Burger Fuel

Take away, no reservations, no alcohol.

This BF location was:

07 571 8677

Sydney locations are:

Kings Cross

82-94 Darlinghurst Road
under the coke sign
PHONE: 9380 8299


172 King Street
Newtown Corner of King & Watkin
02 9519 4700


  1. The sight of these burgers made my tastebuds come a little.

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