Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Snapshot: Powell's Sweet Shoppe, Windsor

One of the best things in small towns is old fashioned sweet shops, or milk bars as I'd have called them. Powell's is a fantastic example in Sonoma which offers huge ranges of themed candy and gifts. Powell's have several locations around the Bay Area but since these days I only eat sugar on vacations it's best that I don't visit any of the others!

Kids delight candies abounded everywhere like cheap chews, gum, lollipops and chocolate bars. Many old fashioned selections were available and an entire wall of jelly bean flavours.

Big sections of themed sweets can be found like this explosion of pink. There were Hello Kitty, My Little Pony and romantic gifts a plenty. Super hero and less pinkified options also available.

The chocolate cabinet included selections like hand filled chocolates, truffles and dipped confections like turtles, pretzels and toffees.

The ice cream / soda bar included options for all the treats you might want from an old fashioned soda shop like ice cream sodas, milk shakes, ice cream and sundaes. The soft drinks included an array of original and natural flavours

 We settled on some simple gelato cups with an included chocolate straw, great for sharing in the park opposite the sweet shop.

Powell's Sweet Shoppe 

720 McClelland Dr
Windsor, CA 95492

Old fashioned sweet & soda shop
Great for kids and families

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