Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Snapshot: Smokehouse 21, Portland OR

Smokehouse 21 is another fairly new restaurant much touted by Eater's guide to PDX. BBQ is like god's gift to low carb dieting so we just had to combine a diet friendly meal with our love of all things smoked.

Smokehouse 21 smoke all their own meat on site and as we drew closer up the street you could smell the deliciousness and the sweet smoking woods. My mouth was watering already.

I want to own this table

We arrived around 7pm and the place was already busy, we got the last free table and watched as many got turned away considering ourselves very lucky. Despite the busyness the service was fast and friendly.

Bacon Molasses Cornbread with warm honey butter syrup $2USD

This was the boy's starter and disappeared in a moment with many smiles. 

Deviled Eggs with Mustard and Hot Link $4USD

Devilled eggs are starting to make a comeback from the 70s appearing on menus all over the US and I welcome them with open arms. Particularly when topped with sliced, smokey delicious home made sausages.

BBQ Sauces provided free of charge

Rather than assume what sauce you want with your smoked delights they provide a range of fantastic sauces. I loved the hot sauce with the pork but the mustard sauce complimented the hot links perfectly. 

Combo plate with choice of meats and sides $18USD

You can choose from a range of wonderful meats and sides for the combo plate. I chose Brisket, Hot Links and Pulled Pork which are my favourites. The sides include plenty of heavier options like BBQ Beans, Coleslaw and Mac'n'Cheese but I chose the carb friendly coleslaw and pickled vegetables. I love that so many Portland restaurants seem to make fresh seasonal pickled vegetables. 

This is casual dining done very well. Beautiful meats, solid service, reasonable prices. I only wish that the restaurant were more than a few tables so that all those sad looking people turned away could have gotten in. They do take away though and for BBQ this good I would turn a blind eye to a guilty fan eating in their car.

Smokehouse 21

413 NW 21st Avenue
Portland, Oregon

Casual dining, boutique BBQ
Vegetarians need not apply

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