Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Snapshot: A Fish Called Coogee

Lets face it I like the good things in life and I focus more in this blog on expensive Tuna and Champagne than down home old fashioned food. Sometimes, even a posh girl just wants to have something fried by the seaside and when you get that feeling, head straight to A Fish Called Coogee and do not pass Go!

When we arrive it's around 4pm on a warm public holiday. The crowds are thinning but the tired sandy swimmers are starting to come out of the surf and the early dinner crowd is also starting to come in. This is a place with no airs and graces, half the people ordering have no shirt or shoes on (and still get service!)

There's the usual Traditional Fish and Chips ($11) and some potato scallops ($3) but the real star here is great seafood in delicious marinades. This is no hefty spices to cover dodgy seafood, everything is fresh, delicious and the highest quality. Also it must be mentioned how damn clean the place is all I can smell is the marinades and not the oil or the fish, impressive to say the least. 

What you don't do with Fish and Chips is eat them in the store! We picked this cliff overlooking Coogee Beach, grabbed some soft drinks and some sauce and sat in the fading sunlight chatting and enjoying our haul. 

The fish and chips themselves were just excellent. The Fish was fresh as fresh can be and excellent quality, the batter light and not greasy. The chips the right mix of soft and crisp, the aioli ($3) and home made tartare sauce ($3) just delightful. 

The potato scallops had a similar light but crisp and slightly spiced batter, the potatoes were thinly cut and took on the batter perfectly. Sadly what isn't pictured was the thai fish cake ($3) which was so damn good I ate the damn thing with much eye rolling and thigh thumping before I could get a picture. Worth a drive to Coogee that's for sure! The fish cake was fresh fish pressed together with Thai spices, no milled steamed fish here just pressed sweet delicious seafood. In fact I could really go for one right now... 

Be aware we ordered way too much food, a serve of Fish and Chips without extras would be more than enough. If you want 'sides' then order 1 main meal between 2. 

A Fish Called Coogee

Fish and Chips takeaway and dine in
Super casual, no shirt, no shoes, straight from the Beach OK!
BYO if you eat in (but don't when there are such views to be had!)

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