Sunday, May 8, 2011

Review: Exeter Bakery, Tasmania

When I was growing up the tradition when driving between Brisbane and the Gold Coast was to stop at Yatala Pies, the perfect down home bakery serving simply excellent pies. Most regional roads in and out of larger Australian cities will have them and for launceston this is Exeter Bakery.

This is comfort food at its best - even at 4 in the afternoon on a quiet road in Tasmania the bakery was packed, but there was plenty of fresh food and great smiles from the staff who were more than happy to chat to me about their wares.

The traditional food in Tasmania I would discover is the Curried Scallop Pie but I really couldn't bring myself to eat it so it was an old fashioned Steak Pie for me.

The food is all cooked fresh on site and you can see they rotate their stock regularly. A large range of wood fired pies was available in both regular abd premium as well as a range of delicious and nostalgic sweet treats.

Chunky Steak Pie $4.50

The reason you come to a place like this has to be the traditional flakey pastry pie. Golden crisp pastry, thick steak and delicious gravy this was worth a side trip in the car. The whole thing was delicious, hot and not at all fatty or overwhelming. The kind of pie you widen your eyes, moan and point at to find your friends are doing the same.

Matchstick $3

All the joy the pastry, sugar, cream and jam could bring to a man. I'd like to tell you about it but being lactose intolerant I'd have to pass. On the other hand it did elicit this expression on the face of the purchaser.

$2.50 Lemon Slice

A very traditional Aussie favourite a biscuit and condensed milk base is topped with a citrussy fondant icing and shredded coconut. This is easily the best rendition of this simple classic I've ever had, and the theft of a bite of mine was so good my partner bought another.

There were plenty of other snacks to be had, but only so much stomach space. There's no wine or table cloths and a lot of the food comes in a paper bag but y'know... it doesn't matter. This is down home country cooking and nostalgic comfort food treats - my favourite!

The great thing too is that you know it's a small business and a local employer that you're supporting not to mention a great place to pull over when the kids need a bathroom or are fighting over the Nintendo on a longer drive! Much recommended, but take cash there's no EFTPOS or ATM facilities

Exeter Historic Bakery, Tamar Valley Tasmania

104 Main Rd
Exeter TAS 7275
(03) 6394 4069 ‎

Bakery and cafe environment, hot and cold drinks available
Expect limited hot food after lunch hours
Family friendly, super casual

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