Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Rocks Aroma Festival 2010

Unfortunately the thing that I will say about the Aroma Festival is that as someone who goes to a lot of food oriented events there's really nothing here that's new and exciting for me and the Aroma Festival in particular was identical to last year's layout.

Still it's a nice day out, and one that's alcohol free and great in Winter when Sydney goes to a bit of a sleep. Since it was so similar to last year I rounded the day out by going along with my ex boyfriend... just like old times ;o)

Assorted Whisk and Pin baked goods

My current employer is a little famous for providing endless free food and they regularly stock these magnificent Whisk and Pin baked goods from the Blue Mountains. The cookies are huge, the size of my hand and a fairly hefty caloric boost to go with it but they're worth every bite. The Muesli cookies are an absolute my favourite as are the Macadamia and Fig cookies.

Limar Nougat with nuts and dried craisins

I am just a little obsessed with nougat. As someone who's not a big chocolate fan I drift immediately towards nuts and dried fruit based products and dried cranberries are tart and delicious against sweet honey/egg nougat.

Sparkle Cupcakes $3 each

These guys are great supporters of the LGBT community and are often to be found at Mardi Gras Fair Day amongst other outdoor events. They're great 'adult' cupcakes, great for buying boys with a sweet tooth as they avoid the standard pink frou frou stylings of most cupcake bakeries.

Thick sweet Italian hot chocolate is the perfect Winter pick me up.

Gumnut chocolates $6.50 for 3

Gumnut do wonderful organic chocolates and Australian flavours. The Spiced and Chilli chocolates are a real favourite and make great gifts.

Voodoo Rocky Roads and Slices $3 each take home packs also available

And here's an obligatory touristy shot of the bridge.


  1. Worth tracking down the italian gingerbread guy, if you haven't done so. He moves around but it's awesome.

  2. i have never seen hot chocolate like that before ever! i need to get out more, clearly. it looks amazing.

  3. it would be a fun job to work at Your Employer and get to decide what goodies the staff get. I wouldn't mind that job at all. "Not sure about these biscuits, I *think* the staff would like them.. but I better have a few more just to make sure. Gotta do my job right!"